FIT on Main success stories






All her life, Loula had felt unable to do the things she wanted to do. Physical activity exhausted her, and she had a hard time lifting and carrying things. She came to FIT on Main wanting to build strength and endurance without injury so she could keep up with her growing baby and feel better in the day-to-day.

Gayle programmed Loula’s workouts to be shorter and more frequent and progressed the difficulty of the workouts over the course of several months. Over time, Loula became less exhausted after work-outs, and her body began to recover more efficiently. She began to feel so confident she joined a gym and began working out on her own. Now her sessions are longer, she can do more, lift heavier, and she feels great after her sessions instead of fatigued. Her baby is now walking and very active--and Loula can keep up with him!







"No one is more surprised than I am at the role FIT on Main has played in my life. When I came in for my initial assessment, I arrived with some chronic medical conditions, a wimpy knee, and a nagging feeling that something needed to change. I considered myself active in high school and college, but work and, later, kids had provided easy excuses for avoiding exercise—with what time? 

"Lauren and the staff at FIT on Main provided the accountability I needed to keep going. When I faltered, they cheered me on, and when I whined, they made me do it anyway. Things that were hard got easier and soon, I was ready to do more hard things. 

"Now, I am someone who gets up at 5:30 to come into class. I pack gym clothes when traveling and actually use them. FIT on Main has made me stronger and more fit, but most importantly, it has left me with this fundamental change: exercise is now a part of my life in a way that it has never been before. I’m determined to try and keep it that way."






As a gastroenterologist, David performs multiple medical procedures on a daily basis. Suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere, his quality of life and livelihood were threatened by a herniated disc in his lower back. After being diagnosed and rehabbing with his physical therapist, his goals were to improve his overall fitness and prevent the injury from reoccurring.


David’s workouts with Colin are comprehensive in nature, emphasizing self-myofascial release/trigger point therapy, core stabilization, mobility, flexibility, and overall strength. Workouts that address the underlying issues that led to his injury have been fundamental to David's continued rehabilitation, health, and success.




Julie has always been active.  For years she ran and trained for half marathons and sprint triathlons, swam, hiked, skied, played tennis, raised three boys, and worked mornings at a pre-school--until her hip started to ache after running.


An MRI revealed extensive joint deterioration: Julie needed a hip replacement. She was advised that developing strength and mobility around the joint prior to surgery would help her recover faster, so she  started to see a physical therapist and contacted Gayle for personal training. Gayle incorporated the recommended physical therapy exercises into her program as well as full-body strength, balance, and core work.

Julie’s surgery was a success and she had a quick recovery with the help of continued physical therapy and personal training. Today, Julie can jog, hike, dance, swim, and do Pilates. She plans to get back to skiing with her husband and three sons.




Nicole came to FIT on Main because she had had knee and hip issues in the past and wanted to run the Chicago Marathon without injury. 

Gayle worked with Nicole twice a week and helped her build overall full body strength, explosiveness for speed, agility for proper movement in all directions, core strength, and ankle and hip stability. 

Unfortunately, Nicole also needed wrist surgery from an old injury that did not heal properly. After her doctor approved her return to exercise, she continued to work with Gayle to safely increase her conditioning and mileage in advance of the marathon.

Even with the break from her training due to her wrist surgery, Nicole completed the Chicago Marathon in just over 4.5 hours! Her next goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon with Gayle’s continued help and encouragement.

Nicole running.jpg





When Alma was diagnosed with osteoporosis, her doctor recommended weight-bearing exercises on a regular basis. She had never done strength training, didn’t really know how to begin, and the thought of stepping into a crowded gym was overwhelming. She needed guidance working out in a safe and effective manner that would improve her condition while also preventing injury.

Alma decided to take action, and now she drives from Burlington to workout with Colin three times every week! Alma’s workouts focus on overall strength development, mobility, and balance. She walks on the treadmill for an hour after her training sessions in order to maintain cardiovascular health.

Living a quality and independent lifestyle has always been at the top of her list.


As a result of her effort and perseverance, Alma’s bone density is no longer in the osteoporosis zone and she continues to live life on her own terms!