Lauren Stewart

Lauren is an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council On Exercise. She got her start as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer while acquiring her Exercise & Sports Science Degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

Internships at Duke Diet and Fitness Center and Shane Diet and Exercise Resorts allowed Lauren to learn how to integrate exercise, behavior change, nutrition, education, medicine, and fun into a wellness plan for individual clients. Her Personal Training work in several commercial gym settings introduced Lauren to a wide range of clients from ages 12 to 85 and gave her the opportunity to learn how to adapt fitness programs to all levels and skill sets. 


Lauren's own interests in activities like strength training, yoga, Pilates, OCR (obstacle course racing), running, and gymnastics give her clients’ training programs a unique focus on physical form and function. 


Lauren helps her clients build strong, functional, resilient bodies for life. She is a creative biomechanics nerd who loves breaking apart movements with each client to help them move the best for their body and sports. She has guided her clients through pre- and post-op fitness programs for back, hip, knee, and shoulder surgeries. She also has experience in creating adaptive exercises for people with chronic neuromuscular and autoimmune diseases. She views every challenge as an opportunity for change, for innovation, and for fun!


In addition to exercise instruction, Lauren is also an amateur home chef with an experimental palette and interest in healthy family meal preparation. Her background in sports nutrition means her approach to healthy eating is flexible and non-restricted. Follow her menu photo journaling on Instagram for inspiring recipe ideas.


Lauren is a native of North Carolina and grew up in Hillsborough. Outside of work, you can find Lauren spending time hiking along the Eno with her fiance and dog, cooking, eating, reading, watching sports, trying out new fitness classes in the Triangle, and spending time with her family and friends. She loves to travel to the mountains in the cooler months of the year. 


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